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Mousehunt joke 02 October 9, 2010

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I returned to check my trap and I saw I caught Geronimo Stilton. He was too careless!


Mousehunt joke 01

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A pirate mouse and a snapper mouse are both known as Aquatic Order Mouse. What are a mental pirate mouse and a crazy snapper mouse known as?

Aquatic Mental Disorder.



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I any one here have a facebook, please add me — i am called Leng Yam Pig/zionleung@hotmail.com and join an application know as mousehunt as it is really cool and I will share some joke about it…


Stupid People 02 — Tom part 2 August 26, 2010

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Back at home, his father is the first one he meet. His father is on the phone…

Tom: Dad, what is 1+2

Dad: Sorry, I am on the phone.

Tom please tell me!!!

Dad: SHUT UP!!!

He thought shut up was the answer, but just to confirm, he went to ask someone else.

Oh no, stupid Tom will get more and more wrong answers like this. What will happen? Read part three to find out.

P.s. My hand is getting tired when typinng 2 parts in a go. So wait for part 3 only after a week. Come back again after a week to find out more.


Stupid people 02 — Tom part 1

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Tom is a stupid ignorant little twit. One gloomy day, his mahematics teacher asked him what is 1+2. He did not know the answer. For the first time, his teacher told him to ask his family members. What doing think will come out?

Read part 2


Peanuts August 21, 2010

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One day, a worker tell his boss to pay him peanuts. It was then that his boss realised that he is a monkey or a squrril.


Life cycle

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Year 1 –> Egg to Chick to Chicken to Egg

Year 2 –> Egg to Chick to Chicken to Egg

Year 3 –> Egg to pan to  dish to human body to toliet bowl